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This type of valve is able to meter a flow while adjusting the needle valve to the required flow. Both flow directions are possible. It is used to control the speed of an actuator for example.
If equipped with a check valve in a parallel flow path, the reverse flow is blocked.

If the flow line has to be shut-off, the valve can be closed completely.

Nominal size:                  DN 2 ..DN 6
Nominal pressure:           PN 690 bar (10.000psi)
Temperature range:        -25°C..80°C
Material:                         316, 430, brass
Wetted parts:                  stainless, ceramic

Mineral oil, water, water glycol
Others (nitrogen) please contact us

The following options are available

  • NBR-sealing, Viton-sealing for higher temperatures
  • FKM-sealing for low temperature
  • Additional checkvalve
  • Portsizes

406006 XXX (Throttle (check) valve DN6)
406003 XXX (Throttle (check) valve DN3)
406002 XXX (Throttle (check) valve DN2)

 Throttle check valve            Throttle valve

The valvehousing is body-ported through NPT or BSP or any other thread, portsize to be deter­mined. The valve can be mounted using brackets, refer to drawing.


Download throttle check valve.pdf



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